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FORTIFIED Home™ Evaluator
FORTIFIED Evaluators provide critical, mandatory compliance verification services. FORTIFIED Evaluators are the only FORTIFIED Home service providers authorized to conduct and submit FORTIFIED Home evaluations for FORTIFIED Home designations. Each project must work with a FORTIFIED Evaluator certified by IBHS.

FORTIFIED Wise™ - Associate
FORTIFIED Wise-Associates have attended training and demonstrated an understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and requirements. FORTIFIED Wise-Associates are qualified to describe the program and how it works.

FORTIFIED Wise™ - Professional
FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals are industry professionals that hold one or more current licenses in the following disciplines:
  • General Contractor
  • Building Contractor
  • Residential Contractor (these are builders, not sub-contractors or trade contractors)
  • Architects
  • Professional engineers
  • National Council of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC)
FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals have attended training and demonstrated an advanced understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and requirements. While it is not required that a contractor (builder) or professional engineer working on FORTIFIED projects be FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals, these building professionals have a better understanding of the program than contractors who have not earned the FORTIFIED Wise-Professional credential.

FORTIFIED Wise™ - Roofer
FORTIFIED Wise-Roofers have attended training and demonstrated an understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and knowledge of the critical aspects of installation and documentation requirements required for a new or existing home to meet the FORTIFIED standards.

FORTIFIED Service™ Providers

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The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) shall not be held responsible or liable for any modifications, repairs or replacements with regard to any property, systems, components, or the contents therein. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety is neither a guarantor nor insurer. IBHS assumes no responsibility or liability for any advice or services rendered by any builder, engineer, architect, plan reviewer, plan designer, inspector, manufacturer, or other professional as a result of the certification of such individual as a FORTIFIED Home™ Evaluator, FORTIFIED Wise™ - Associate, FORTIFIED Wise™ - Professional, or FORTIFIED Wise™ - Roofer. Property Owners considering designation for their homes are solely responsible for determining whether to pursue designation and should obtain any additional information necessary to make an informed decision. If the Property Owners is dissatisfied with any aspect of the FORTIFIED Home™ program, the sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue activities relating to this program. No refunds of any fees paid will be provided by IBHS to property owners who fail to obtain any designation under the FORTIFIED Home™ program.
Provider Note: FORTIFIED Home Providers can update their listed information by contacting Karen Yetter at kyetter@archtest.com. Please make sure your contact information is correct.